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Medical wearables are the next big thing. History will show that FitBit and Apple Watch are just the early primitive devices, and that the next wave of smart medical wearables will revolutionize healthcare and dramatically improve quality of life.

What are the next-generation medical wearable technologies? What are the most promising use cases and applications? What are the main challenges right now? What’s on the roadmap of the leading companies and R&D groups? These are the key questions that will drive the discussion at this annual conference.

The future is bright for medical wearables -- we invite you to attend this conference to identify emerging technology and application trends, exchange ideas, form new companies, and network with your industry peers!

Conference Topics

  • Wearable device trends, competitive forces and dynamics, market drivers, emerging applications, and disruptive technologies
  • Emerging types of wearable sensors, materials, and smart fabrics
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • Wearable device applications for medical diagnostics and screening
  • Flexible, stretchable, printed, and hybrid electronics
  • Connectivity, sensor fusion, body area networks, software algorithms, contextual awareness, virtual sensors, data transmission, and processing
  • Fabrication, packaging, and assembly techniques
  • Ultra-low power systems and components, energy harvesters, micro batteries and energy storage, supercapacitors, and power management solutions
  • Government policy effects, regulatory compliance, security
  • Impacts of enabling technologies such as genomics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality for medical wearables applications
  • Digital health, “quantified self” movement, and usage paid insurance
  • Technology transfer, ecosystems and hubs, company formation

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • CTOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Physicians
  • Medical professionals
  • Academia professors and researchers
  • VPs of engineering
  • VPs of marketing
  • VPs of business development
  • MEMS foundry managers
  • Product managers and engineers
  • Marketing, sales and business development managers
  • MEMS and sensors production managers and engineers
  • MEMS and sensors design managers and engineers
  • Business development professionals
  • Industry analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • MEMS and sensors consultants
  • Media representatives

Prior Participating Companies
(from the 2019 event)

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(from the participants and attendees of the 2018-2019 events)

“I enjoyed not only the presentations, but especially the Q&A sessions. They were particularly informative.”
Zhenan Bao, PhD, Professor, Stanford University

“The conference was well-organized, and I especially liked the high level of interaction, both around the presentations and in between. I would like to see the conference to a max of ~150% of its current size. Nice additions would be from our client field (i.e. companies that need fabrication of micro-devices).”
Paul Bekkers, Business Development Manager, Philips Innovation Services

“Thank you so much for the very well-organized event. First and foremost, Mike did a great job encouraging questions after the talks which led over to fruitful discussions during the breaks. We had great follow up discussions at our booth and also during lunch.”
Ulrich Bretthauer, Senior Marketing Manager – Medical, X-FAB

"Thank you for providing the perfect platform to introduce the MEMS Foundry message and for hosting such a fine event right here in the heart of Silicon Valley. I was very pleased with the format which allowed plenty of time to spend one-on-one time with past and future customers while sharing our company’s vision of supporting the often overlooked small volume R&D efforts for both new and existing clients. Looking forward to the next two events."
James Crow, Vice President, MEMS Foundry

"The conference was a very well-organized event. A great agenda of medical wearable sensors, technologies, and manufacturing-related issues. Samtec made several new business and technical contacts with high potential for collaboration! Many thanks to the Microtech Ventures and MEMS Journal team for an excellent forum and networking event!"
Steve Groothuis, Chief Technology Officer, Samtec Microelectronics

“MEMS Journal yet again succeed in bringing together key industry partners and thoughts leaders at their Medical Wearables 2018 conference. By setting up an open, collaborative forum, MEMS Journal not only captured the current Zeitgeist around wearable technology and sensors, they help all involved get a glimpse of what the challenges and opportunities will be coming in the future.”
Gerry Harvey, Vice President of Engineering, OnScale

“What I enjoyed most about Medical Wearables 2018 was the dialogue among the audience during Q&A. The conference is small enough where great questions from the audience spurred great discussion among the group as a whole, not just between the speaker and the questioner. Very interactive and engaging.”
Ryan Kraudel, Vice President of Marketing, Valencell

“Thank you for the nice conference. Medical Wearables gave a great insight to latest developments in the industry. Right place to be to get in contact with right people.”
Ari Kuukkala, Sales Director, Afore

“This is my first time attending and presenting at the Medical Wearables conference. As a startup company, we have a great time networking with important partners not only in the medical but also in the semiconductor ecosystem. I really do believe that this conference series is of great benefit for academic researcher to startups and larger companies who are looking for business opportunity.”
Linh Le, Founder and CEO, Bonbouton

“In overall, this was a great opportunity for me to overview current status and future challenges of medical wearables. In particular, the great interest and passion for the forthcoming medical wearables were highly impressed, even though the advent of the related market is still sluggish.
My particular interest was devoted to power sources for the wearable gadgets. I witnessed that a number of the conference attendees were eager to find out a new class of power sources tailored for the medical wearables, which was a great boost for my research on power sources.”
Sang-Young Lee, PhD, Professor, UNIST

"Medical Wearable 2018 provided research progresses and business trends in wearable/flexible devices. It helped our startup to get the latest information."
Jin Luo, CEO, NSC Technology

“I found the Medical Wearables Conference 2018 to be well run and professionally organized. The presentations were timely and of great interest. Overall we had a great experience and met a lot of interesting individuals.”
Bruce Mahler, Vice President, Ohmega Technology

“Medical Wearables 2018 was great for meeting qualified people developing medical wearable devices. I was able to meet a lot of people and several may have need for our services.”
Walt Maclay, President, Voler Systems

“If you want up to date information of the latest innovations in medical wearables this is the event to go. For me, the event strikes the balance of covering a wide variety of applications and use cases whilst providing in-depth technology details and background. The presenters are of high quality and real experts in their respective fields. The program and set up leaves plenty of room to delve into detailed discussions with the experts.”
Horst Merkle, Director of Business Development, Roche

“This conference gathered a well-balanced mix of audience, speakers and exhibitors from all backgrounds for me to consider it informative and time well spent. The Startup Showcase exposed how new ideas and the wide availability of new materials, equipment, manufacturing knowhow and established computing power is generating a new breed of miniaturized medical devices. “
Carlos Stahr, Sales Manager, Silex

“Medical Wearables 2018 is an excellent event. It is very focused, the caliber of the speakers is high, and it is organized very well.”
Steve Statler, SVP Marketing and Business Development, Wiliot

“Medical Wearables 2018 was a terrific learning experience. The agenda was packed with experts from various organizations – there was an interesting mix of companies with products at hand, research institutes and semiconductor companies. The agenda was well organized to have plenty of time of technical talks, Q&A and to have discussions both on the sidelines and at the demo booths. Mike and team did an excellent job of making this very productive. The perspectives from speakers regarding FDA, intellectual property and Startup Showcase were valuable.”
Ashutosh Zade, Principal Software Engineer, Insulet

“Medical Wearables 2018 is a well-defined professional conference for business executives and technologists to exchange innovative ideas, for companies to nurture and expand networks, and for startups to have spotlight shows and quick industry engagements.”
Erik Zhu, CEO, Mindsall

(from the participants and attendees of the 2014-2015 events)

"I really enjoyed participating in the conference in the last couple of days. The subjects addressed during the presentations are right on the spot in terms of the challenges and opportunities in the wearable segment. I also enjoyed the opportunity to talk to other players trying to address the same challenges."
Ruben Balbuena, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, ROHM Semiconductor

"Cambridge CMOS Sensors was delighted to present at the Wearable Sensors conference in Santa Clara. The event was a huge success, well attended by key OEMs. It was a perfect setting to learn through in-depth presentations and networking the tremendous development that is taking place in the wearable markets."
Jess Brown, PhD, Sales and Marketing Director, Cambridge CMOS Sensors

"The Wearable Sensors and Electronics 2014 conference was an excellent event - well attended by luminaries from both the sensor space and wearables application area. The speakers and speaker topics were very engaging and thought provoking, and there was plenty of valuable networking opportunities at breakfast, lunch, and the cocktail reception - extremely important connections were made for our startup company."
Ian Campbell, CEO and Founder, NextInput

"Thanks to MEMS Journal for hosting an excellent conference this week! We really enjoyed all the presentations and the networking."
Geoff Charubin, Executive Advisor and Business Consultant, mCube

"I am very happy I got a chance to attend Wearable Sensors and Electronics 2015. The conference was very valuable with excellent presentations and opportunities to network with experts and researchers. I certainly hope to attend again next year."
Nikki Hallgrimsdottir, Silicon Valley Sales Manager, CST of America

"The conference was great. We made some valuable contacts that we are pursuing as a result of the different discussions."
Karthik Karathur, Sr. Manager, Knowles

"The conference was a very well organized event. A well balanced mixture of different sensor, technology and also material related, high-quality talks. I made several new contacts with high potential for collaboration – excellent networking event! Many thanks to the MEMS Journal team!"
Malte von Krshiwoblozki, R&D Project Manager, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration

"Wireless Sensors and Electronics 2014 far exceeded my expectations. The collection of talks/topics were well thought out and the contents has a lot of information and insight. The networking opportunity was excellent. Congratulations to the organizers and speakers."
Mehran Mehregany, PhD, Director and Professor, Case Western Reserve University

"Wearable Sensors 2015 provides a timely forum for industrial executives and academic researchers to exchange emerging ideas, future opportunities and solutions to the challenges."
Tingrui Pan, PhD, Associate Professor, UC Davis

"The conference was very well organized and the topics presented were very carefully chosen and they had covered a wide range of issues pertinent to wearable sensors and electronics. I could certainly take a great deal of information on broad range of topics from technical design issues to security and legal problems from very knowledgeable speakers. In all, this was among the most informative conferences I have ever attended."
Farhad Razavi, Sr. Staff Engineer, MFLEX

"The conference has been very enjoyable and I am glad I participated. Great organization and great attendees."
Michele Reitz, Principal Research Analyst – Semiconductors, Gartner

"Excellent mix of technology and application talks coupled with networking opportunities. Nice to see a meeting where such a high proportion of the attendees were present for the entire conference."
Jason Rouse, PhD, Technical Marketing Manager, Wacker Chemical

"Wearable Sensors and Electronics 2015 exceeded my expectations. As a presenter, I was pleased with the caliber of the attendees as well as the other speakers. The program was well planned with informative content. One of the best aspects was the networking opportunity. I look forward to the next event."
Paul Wagner, Chairman/CEO, Minnesota Wire

"It was a great conference that MEMS Journal put together, and they have done a fantastic job selecting the most fascinating and demanding topics in wearable electronics."
Pulin Wang, PhD, Managing Director, Stretch Med

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